Eleven Roller Disco

Eleven Roller, the revolving revolution. The best fun you can have on wheels!

What we do

We are the leading provider of roller disco and skate events. Wherever and whatever the occasion, Eleven Roller can provide all your roller disco dreams.

Whether its a school, a private party, regular public events, adult only nights and other tailor made sessions. We work closely with youth organisations, town councils, schools, special needs charities and other sports partnerships. Friendly staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience, guaranteed to make your event roll.


We provide:

Over 18’s

Youth clubs and schools.

Regular drop in sessions.

Organised larger public sessions

Special events eg Summer sessions and frost fairs.

Corporate events.

Learn to skate

additional needs and considerations.

Skate marshal training.

Private parties and birthdays.


We are in a number of venues near you. Click below for our nearest event to you.

Call, message or email us with your private party or birthday enquiry. We have packages to suit all budgets.


So many venues, the list would be as long as your arm. We can also consider other venues that might be suitable.

Please contact us directly for the nearest venue options for you

Who we are

We are an inclusive community not-for-profit organisation, passionate about getting everybody up, rolling and enjoying the fun, freedom, and benefits that roller skating can provide, no matter where you’re starting from.




My name is Nigel and I’m an ordinary person, with an ordinary job and an ordinary outlook on life.

However, extraordinary things happen when I put my skates on. It’s almost like I’m two different people.

Off skates I am clumsy and poorly coordinated. I’m not so aware of my surroundings.

But on skates, I fully own the space I inhabit. Some have said I’m graceful and elegant. Me, graceful and elegant, surely not!

Off skates I can get lost in my thoughts or dwell on feelings which sometimes aren’t great.

But on skates, I’m focused and clear. I almost don’t care what I or anyone else is thinking. I feel happier and freer.

Off skates it’s sometimes hard to get going. Moving forward can seem tricky, especially when the sofa is beckoning.

But on skates it’s hard to stop, I just want to keep going.

I have become fitter, stronger, better balanced, in all meanings of the word, sharper and happier.  Skating shouldn’t be part-time fun, but a full-time solution.

The people I have met through skating have been amongst the friendliest and most inclusive group I have had the privilege of knowing. This is what me and the other directors bring to our events and sessions, as we are all passionate to get everyone up and rolling.

Skating is good for you. FACT!

Big Ben

Big Ben


I’m Ben, Aka “Big Ben”. I’m a normal working father. 30 years ago my mum introduced me to roller skating.

I had found my passion, the thing I love to do the most and I have introduced this into my children’s lives.

Roller skating is a good way of keeping healthy and having fun. It’s a way of clearing your mind and connecting to your surroundings, and it’s for everyone, regardless of ability.

I’m part of this friendly team who enjoy helping others learn the sport I love.

My favorite saying is ” Everyone falls over, including me.”

So come and join the fun and feel the new you soon.